Friday, December 4, 2009

Styrofoam cups vs. regular ceramic mugs

In this class we were asked about our thoughts on using Styrofoam cups to regular mugs. Honestly, I would prefer a Styrofoam cup to a regular mug, sometimes you just want to carry a cup on the go, and you can just throw it away once you reach your destination rather than having to worry about trying to clean your mug. At the same time I know that Styrofoam isn’t biodegradable, so I would opt for paper cups over the Styrofoam. With regular mugs it would be harder to clean it on the go, and sometimes they’re a hassle to carry around. It would be best for the environment as well since you would be reusing the same cup.
I do think that buying paper cups that are biodegradable would be better than the Styrofoam cups and it could also save the amount of water one would waste rewashing the same mugs day after day. I think that biodegradable cups would be better than Styrofoam and regular ceramic mugs when dealing with the environment, but overtime it would be more expensive than just buying Styrofoam cups or ceramic mugs.

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